Harvey Goldsmith CBE, co-producer of Live Aid, announces Earth Aid Live.

Harvey Goldsmith CBE, co-producer of Live Aid, announces Earth Aid Live: a global spectacle of concerts for the planet following his record-breaking series of benefit concerts that include Live Aid, Live Earth and Live 8.

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–   Earth Aid Live will launch its event series illuminating six countries across five continents over one weekend in August 2025


– Milestone stadium concerts planned every five years (2025, 2030 and 2035) in Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, East Asia, South Asia, Australasia and the metaverse


– Earth Aid Live evolves from a traditional fundraising effort, placing paramount importance on four key action-led pillars spanning individual action, community engagement, corporate participation and intergovernmental collaboration


Harvey Goldsmith CBE, one of the most prominent figures in the world of live music has today announced Earth Aid Live, a global entertainment series striving to achieve net carbon-zero and designed to unite continents in an unprecedented global celebration aimed at driving positive change for the planet. 

The ten year project, created by UMA Entertainment and chaired by Harvey Goldsmith CBE, kicks-off with a ground-breaking series of concerts scheduled to take place on the weekend of 2nd & 3rd August 2025, 40 years on from Live Aid. The concerts will span six countries and five continents with more shows added as the series evolves, promising to entertain global audiences with a rich tapestry of musical performances, immersive experiences and boundary-defying educational platforms that leverage climate innovation at every opportunity.

Said Harvey Goldsmith CBE: “We are standing on the brink of a historic moment with this revolutionary global event series, heralding a new era marked by unity, sustainability, and a profound positive impact on the planet. Building on what we have already achieved with Live Aid, our aspiration is to unite people from all walks of life in the shared mission of bettering our world and we eagerly anticipate embarking on this extraordinary journey together”. 

Amidst the growing urgency of addressing global environmental challenges, Earth Aid Live emerges as a timely call to action. Now more than ever, the world needs to come together to protect the environment and tackle pressing issues such as Climate Action on a global and local scale. Earth Aid Live underscores the critical need for immediate and concerted efforts to safeguard the planet’s future and avoid crossing any more planetary boundaries or tipping points.

The live concerts featured in this series will not only showcase cutting-edge innovation and technology but will also strive to achieve a net carbon zero status, a historic feat for an event series of this magnitude. This impact-conscious approach is intended to shed light on building a more sustainable entertainment industry of the future, complete with transparent carbon reporting, measurable impact results and a plan for how to improve upon this in future years.

Whilst not a traditional fundraising effort, Earth Aid Live will launch a climate fund to provide grants, donations and investments to those working towards achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The funding will be awarded via an application and review programme that will support those working on the front line within local communities, indigenous groups and climate innovation to aid reduction in the high carbon emitting regions.

Simon O’Kelly, CEO UMA Entertainment says: “We have been working with some incredible minds on this project over the past few years to develop comprehensive calls to action centered around making better choices for our future: as individuals, in business and as governments, the power and opportunity for change lies within all of us. Above all else, we are passionate about the chance we have to leverage culture on a scale seen only a handful of times before, with an entertainment series that transcends borders and unites cultures and generations, creating real, lasting change, the world over.”

The 2025 stadium concerts will take place in major cities representing a global audience including London (Europe), Los Angeles (North America), Rio de Janeiro (South America) plus cities yet to be announced in Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and East Asia. 

Perhaps the most ambitious part of Earth Aid Live lies in its vision to fuse the gaming world and metaverse with real world concerts in a mixed-reality immersive experience designed to connect with young audiences like never before. Working with leaders in the field, this pioneering experience will celebrate participation, reward loyalty and boost engagement in climate related initiatives.

Earth Aid Live’s calls to action will be structured around four fundamental pillars, each guided by a distinct approach to effecting positive change. The initiative will empower individual action through the introduction of an eco-social app designed to promote sustainable living and drive engagement. Corporate participation will be encouraged via a climate charter designed to foster environmentally responsible practices within the business sphere. Community involvement will be nurtured, highlighting the strength of collaborative efforts, while a top-down intergovernmental mandate will actively seek commitments from leaders on a global scale. 

More information will follow, including the unveiling of world-renowned partners and an impressive line-up of artists that will be announced at the official launch event due to take place later this year.


For media inquiries, please contact Julia Herd press@umaent.com

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